Best Graphics Card Under $200

For a gaming build,  the graphic card is the most difficult choice. The GPU is one of the most important components for gaming, after all, your performance will highly depend on the GPU you choose. With a graphic card adapted to your build and budget, you will profit the most of your games. For a gamer, having the best gaming experience is all that matters.

If your budget is tight and you are searching for the best graphics card under $200, then this is for you. With a budget of under $200, you can expect a comfortable 1080p 60 FPS with high settings experience.

In the list below, you’ll find the two best graphics card under $200. To profit the most of these cards, I recommend you to take a look at my gaming PC of 500$.




Best graphic card under 200


Gtx 1060 is the newest mid-tier graphic card from Nvidia, compatible with the latest DirectX version. It has 3gb GDDR5 memory, it’s performance is similar to the 6gb version.

The performance is between the 970 and the 980; the 3gb is enough to high settings 60fps. The 3gb can be a little limiting when maximizing the textures and shadows in graphically intensive games, like Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor. The core clocks are very high; they reach up to 1800mhz, which provide a very good boost.

This is the EVGA model; it has a nice modern look. It is a pretty small GPU, so it fits in any case. For cooling, it has a single fan and a standard heatsink. This card requires a six pin power port, but it doesn’t consume as much as the previous generation. The “SC” stands for super clocked; this model is already clocked for maximum performance. The price is around $200, the same price as a 960, which has an inferior performance.

This card is amazing for the price, an excellent mid-tier card for 1080p with high-ultra settings 60fps; it is the best AMD graphics card under $200.




Best graphic card under 200


Rx 470 is the newest mid-tier graphic card from AMD, compatible with the latest DirectX version and Vulkan. It has 4gb GDDR5 memory.

The performance is equivalent to the R9 380x but much cheaper. Its performance is enough for a pleasant gaming experience with 1080p high/ultra settings 60fps. The 4gb are higher than the 3gb of the Gtx 1060, but the general performance in some games is similar.

This is the MSI model; it has the classic red design of MSI with LEDS. The size is medium, and it fits in most medium-sized cases. For the cooling, it has dual fans and a heatsink with the airflow control technology. It uses advanced aerodynamics to direct more air directly onto the heat pipes; this translates into lower temperature. It uses an eight pin power port and requires a 450 watts PSU. The price is the same as the Gtx 1060, $200. It’s one of the best graphics cards under $200.

I hope this helps you choose the best graphics card under $200.

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