Best DDR3 RAM for Gaming 2016

If you are building a gaming PC, then, you should pay attention to which memory you choose. The computer RAM or Random-Access Memory is required for your processor to have a place to put its processes. RAM is a major component not only for gaming but for browsing too.

If you haven’t enough memory, your computer will be unstable, causing freezes and FPS losses. Adapting the quantity of memory to your needs will prevent theses problems.

While DDR3 isn’t the fastest memory available in the market, it’s still the most used. Most processors/motherboards of the last generation aren’t compatible with DDR4. Check your motherboards specs to see which memory is compatible before buying.

You still can build a high-end computer with a DDR3, since DDR4 advantages are very marginal. There is

There is an enormous amount of different brands and models. I am going to help you choose the best ddr3 ram, look at the list below.


The cheapest DDR3 RAM: Ballistix Sport




Crucial provides you a solid ram, with the best price/performance you can ever have. The performance is excellent with low latency, and it’s compatible with most motherboards. Crucial Ballistix Sport has an integrated black heat spreader for heat dissipation. This memory has a lifetime warranty, making it usable for an unlimited time.

I highly recommend you this memory for a budget / entry-level computer. For a modest budget friendly PC, 4gb is probably the best for you. If you want to take gaming more serious, I recommend the 8gb version. For a high-end gaming computer, you can easily go with the 16gb version.


RAM with unique designs


BEST DDR3 RAMbutton-psd

All these models have an excellent performance; you can go with any of theses. They are all very similar in performance, but they all have a unique design.

I recommend theses ram for a more “cooler” gaming PC, to impress your friends with your shiny memory! Unfortunately, these are a little more expensive that our previous memory.

Unfortunately, these are a bit more expensive that our previous memory. Like before, 4gb for budget, 8gb for mid-tier and 16gb for a high-end gaming computer.


High-End RAM: Corsair Vengeance Pro




The perfect RAM for enthusiast gamers that want the best stuff. This memory has 2400Mhz which is very high for DDR3. Buy it if you have the money and are searching for the best DDR3 ram.

This memory is fast and consumes more; it generates more heat, but it has an excellent heat dissipation.



I hope this helped you choose the best DDR3 RAM. 

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