Cheap Gaming PC Under $300 2017

For gamers with a very tight budget, it is possible to build a cheap gaming PC under $300. Unlike most people think, you can make a custom gaming PC without wasting a fortune in a high-end GPU; which costs more at least $500.

This cheap gaming PC under $300 can play graphically demanding games with low to medium settings at an acceptable resolution. Lighter games like the newest game from Blizzard; Overwatch or even Mobas (LoL, DotA 2, etc.) are easily playable on the highest settings.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to play games at the highest settings with this cheap gaming PC. However, it is possible to upgrade your system in the future. For a CPU upgrade, it is very simple. You just need to choose a CPU of a higher tier with the same socket of your current motherboard. For a GPU upgrade, it will be a little more complicated since we are going for a budget power supply. If you think that you are going to upgrade your build soon or you just want a more future proof build, better take a stronger power supply. I have created an ultimate list of the best power supplies for gaming.

Now, here’s what you are getting with this amazing cheap gaming PC under $300:

– A superior 1080p gaming experience at high resolution with low – medium settings at the latest games.

– An affordable and upgradeable cheap gaming PC under $300.


List of components


CPUIntel Pentium G4500check-price
MOBOASRock H110M-HDScheck-price
GPUXFX RX 460 2GBcheck-price
RAMCrucial Ballistix Sport 4GB DDR4check-price
HDDSeagate 250 GBcheck-price
CASERosewill Dual Fanscheck-price
PSUAntec VP-450Wcheck-price

 This list is frequently updated


Cheap Gaming PC under $300 – Components


Click on each component for details.

CPU - Intel Pentium G4400

cheap gaming PC under 300

Pentium G4400

For our processor we choose an Intel CPU, they are well known for producing the fastest CPUs on the market. Which is perfect for a gaming machine.

For our budget gaming PC, we’ll choose the Intel Pentium G4400. This processor is currently, one of the most best budget friendly CPUs. His inexpensive price makes a cheap gaming PC under $300 possible.

The G4400 has a dedicated video, which we won’t need because we’ll use a dedicated graphic card for superior performance.

This CPU is perfect for our gaming PC under $300: it has a very affordable price and has an excellent performance per core. All these features are very beneficial for a performant gaming PC.


cheap gaming PC under 300

ASRock H110M-HDS

For the motherboard, we have the ASRock H110M-HDS; that is compatible with our Intel G4400. This cheap motherboard has all the necessary characteristics you need to build our cheap gaming PC under $300. Despite that, this motherboard doesn’t have any additional USB 3.0 or SATA III ports. Still, the ASRock H110M-HDS is the best cheap motherboard you can find for the socket 1151. If you aren’t looking for RAID storage configurations or you, don’t need any extra feature. This is the most suitable choice for you.

Still, the ASRock H110M-HDS is the best cheap motherboard you can find for the socket 1151. If you aren’t looking for RAID storage configurations or you, don’t need any extra feature. This is the most suitable choice for you.


cheap gaming PC under 300


Rx 460 most recently released graphics card from AMD; it is fully compatible with DirectX 12 and Vulkan. It’s an entry-level card with a price tag of above $110.

It substitutes the previous entry-level card of AMD, the R7 360. The price of R7 360 is similar, but it’s better to buy the newest Rx 460 which is a more powerful and efficient card.

The card’s TDP is only of 75 watts. It draws power straight from the PCI-E x16 slot itself, no need to buy another Power Supply or extra cable.

It has 2gb GDDR5 of memory and a 128-bit memory interface which makes it the most affordable graphic card for playing games at 1080p high settings. Most games will deliver over 40 fps on high settings. However, light games like Overwatch or LoL will have no problem running on ultra settings with 60+ fps.

I have a list of the best GPU for each tier, if you want to check out, here’s the link: Best Graphic Card – Ultimate Guide

RAM - Crucial Ballistix Sport 4GB

cheap gaming PC under 300

Crucial Ballistix Sport 4GB

We pick a memory stick from Crucial. They are a very reputable brand; they are frequently the top pick for their cheap, high-quality RAM.

Their Ballistic Sport memory is an affordable, fast and quality RAM. It is a very competent memory with a lifetime warranty and a high speed/quality/performance ratio.

Finally, the Ballistic Sport memory is a solid choice for our cheap gaming PC under $300. You won’t be disappointed by choosing it.

HDD - Seagate HDD 250GB

cheap gaming PC under 300

Seagate HDD 250GB

The hard drive is a necessary component that gives you a place to store your games, files, and your operation system. However, the hard drive will not have a significant impact on your gaming performance. It will not improve the quality of your graphics, make your game faster or increase your framerate. The only thing the hard drive will improve is your loading speed, which will be reduced depending on the speed.

For extremely tight budget, I’ll have to stick with a 250/500GB hard drive to be able to afford more vital components. However, I highly recommend you to make an effort and buy the 1TB; which has a better GB/price.

Seagate has been making hard drives for a long time. It a well-known brand. So, you can pick the Seagate HDD 250Gb, which is cheapest HDD you can find on the market.

CASE - Rosewill Dual Fans

cheap gaming PC under 300

Rosewill Dual Fans

While not being the best case in the world, its price is frequently below $30; which makes this case one of the cheapest cases on the market.

I agree that this model isn’t the coolest looking case, but it has all the necessary to put your components of your affordable gaming PC. For an affordable budget gaming case, the Rosewill Dual Fans is the case you need.

Warning: It’s a micro ATX case, it means that the case is small. If you want a bigger and larger tower; I advise you to take a look at the Thermaltake Versa N21 or Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-01.

PSU - Antec VP-450

cheap gaming PC under 300

Antec VP-450

For the power supply, we pick the Antec VP-450. It’s a solid and cheap PSU; its performance is relatively good for the price proposed. It has dual +12v 18 amp rails. That will give you 36A on the two +12 rails, which will be more that enough to power a low-mid range graphic card. Perfect for our cheap gaming PC under $300.

For under $30, you will have a hard time searching for a more efficient PSU.

However, if you absolutely want a more future-proof power supply. I highly recommend you to take a stronger PSU. Check my ultimate guide for choosing the best power supply.

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