Best Gaming PC Under $500 2016

Gaming PC under 500 dollars


We know how hard it can be to find the best components adapted to our budget. Reading countless articles and reviews and wasting uncountable hours to build the BEST one.

Well, I have the solution:

In this article, I propose you an amazing gaming PC under 500 dollars with the best price/performance in the market.

The components have been carefully chosen to prevent compatibility issues and bottlenecks.


Now, here’s what you are getting with this amazing gaming PC under 500 dollars:

– A superior 1080p gaming experience with medium – high settings for graphically intensive games.

– A better gaming experience than the consoles.

– An upgradeable and future-proof custom built PC. 




Click on each component for details.

CPU - Intel Core i3 6100

gaming pc under 500 dollars


Performance: It has two cores and four threads, a high max clockspeed of 3.7ghz. i3 6100 performance is astounding; this CPU doesn’t have any problem running any of the latest games. The performance is enough to run almost every GPU without bottlenecking.

Compatibility: It uses the latest Skylake architecture. Fully compatible with DDR4 memory.

Efficiency: With the new Skylake architecture and a lithography of only 14nm, this CPU efficiency is extremely high.

Quality: It’s a CPU from Intel, which means excellent quality.

Fact: The i3 6100 is not only the best CPU for a budget build, but it is also the best CPU for the money. The i3 6100 is an absolute no-brainer for everyone who wants the max the price/performance.

In fact:

The CPU is one of the most critical components for gaming; however, it’s a component that is rarely upgraded (5 years+).

MOBO - Gigabyte Micro ATX H110M-S2H GSM

gaming pc under 500 dollars


Advice: For the motherboard, I  highly recommend you to go with the cheapest motherboard you can find. You will not benefit from the extra functionalities of a more expensive motherboard like SLI, overclock, more ram slots, etc…. You simply won’t benefit from this if you haven’t the budget.

Compatibility: Fully compatible with all the components of this list.

Quality: Gigabyte motherboards are very durable, I personally never had a problem with them.

Capacity: 2 DIMM slots for a max of 32gb RAM. One PCI-E x 16 slot for graphics cards and a few USB 3.0 ports.

RAM - Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB DDR4

gaming pc under 500 dollars


Advice: I recommend buying one stick of 8gb instead of two sticks of 4gb (2*4gb=8gb) to get to 8gb since you only have two slots on your motherboard. If you put two sticks of 4gb and then you want to upgrade to 16gb ram, you’ll have to buy two sticks of 8gb instead of one.

Memory Size: A single stick of 8gb is enough for nowadays browsing and gaming. Even the most graphically intense games use no more than 6gb ram to run smoothly. In the future, if you want to upgrade, you can add one extra stick of 8gb

Quality: It’s from a well-known brand and has a lifetime warranty. Just look at the reviews at Amazon.

Design: Personally like the dark design, looks very cool and modern.

Fact: Having huge amount of memory just won’t increase how fast your games run. However having less memory that is necessary will decrease the performance and cause instability (freezes/stuttering).

GPU - Zotac Geforce GTX 1050 TI

gaming pc under 500 dollars


It’s one of the newest graphic cards of Nvidia, launched last October 2016. This particular model has a very attractive price.

Performance: 1080p medium – high settings at 60FPS for all the latest games released. Ultra / Max settings 60+ FPS for light games, like Overwatch, LoL, Dota 2 and CSGO.

Efficiency: With a very low consumption, it draws power directly for the PCIE X 16 slot. This pretty much means you don’t need a power connector; this makes a gaming PC under $500 possible.

Quality: Good quality, check reviews.

Fact: GPU is the most important component of a gaming computer. It is also the most expensive and the one you’ll upgrade more frequently (around every 2-3 years).


HDD - Western Digital 1TB

gaming pc under 500 dollars


Capacity: 1TB, enough for multiple games.

Speed: Decent speed for an HDD.

Quality: Western Digital makes excellent HDD, very durable, lasts for years.

PSU - EVGA 500 W1

gaming pc under 500 dollars



Power: More than enough for all components, future-proof for a future upgrade.

Efficiency: It has an efficiency of 80%+.

Quality: EVGA makes good quality PSU, this particular model is excellent.

CASE - Corsair Carbide Series 100R

gaming pc under 500 dollars


Features: Proper cable management and good ventilation, this case comes with a pre-installed 120mn fan at the rear which works as an exhaust fan.

Size: It’s a pretty good sized case, enough to have no problems installing the components.

Capacity: It has 3 x 3.5″ HDDbays, 3 x 2.5″ SSD bays and 3 x 5.25″ ODD bays, very future-proof


Get the full build by clicking on the image below.

gaming pc under 500 dollars



I hope you like this gaming PC under 500 dollars.

If you have any question, feel free to comment below