Best Mouse for League of Legends 2017

G502 - best mouse for league of legends

You may be wondering what is the best mouse for League of Legends. Well, it doesn’t matter if you are in Bronze or Challenger tier, to benefit the most of your skill you need the right gear.
Next to an excellent gamer keyboard, a reliable and high-quality mouse is a must for any player, especially in League of Legends.
The mouse is the peripheral that will allow you to control your champion movements precisely. The ability to control your champion depends on your skill and the quality of your mouse.
Getting the best mouse for league of legends is a critical choice to get the most of your skills.
There are different important characteristics when it comes to choosing the best mouse for League of Legends:

  • It must be adapted to your hand’s size.
  • Have a decent speed (DPI) and precision.
  • Equipped with a performant sensor.
  • Customizable, with additional gaming features.
  • It must have a high build quality and durability.

These characteristics won’t be available for a cheap gaming mouse.
By looking at the Pros, you will see that every one of them use a high-quality gaming mouse.

They need to have the best mouse for League of Legends since their salary and gaming performance depends on this.
If you are currently handling a cheap gaming mouse, changing for one of these mice listed below will dramatically improve your in-game performance and gaming experience.
Now, if you want to know which mouse is the best for league of legends; look at the list below. This list is composed of high-quality mouse used by the Pro players.

Best Mice for League of Legends


Best Mouse for League of Legends N°1

Steel Series Sensei

Steel Series Sensei - best mouse for league of legends


SteelSeries is a well-known gaming brand in eSports; you will constantly see them sponsoring multiple teams like Ninjas in Pyjamas or Fnatic. They are currently one of the best gaming peripheral manufacturers on the market. The SteelSeries has a close relationship between the eSport Pro players to design a performant and unique gaming device.
The SteelSeries Sensei is a customizable ambidextrous (for left and right hand) gaming mouse. Sensei is known to be one of the most customizable gaming mice:

You can change the lift distance, personalize the illumination settings and change the cursor speed. It features 16.8 million different colors, unique lighting effects, custom acceleration option and eight programmable buttons. Sensei can efficiently handle tracking movements of up to 150 inches per second with his 12.000 DPI laser sensor. With a 32-bit ARM processor, it is capable of doubling the sensitivity level, which gives us an incredible CPI range between 5,700 to 11,400.

This fast processor allows Sensei to calculate and efficiently deliver the best performance without relying on the player computer or any software. Another excellent characteristic of the SteelSeries Sensei is the capability to fit for both righties and lefties by having an ambidextrous shape and straightforward and yet efficient button layout.
The SteelSeries Series is a performant mouse designed especially for gamers. If you are looking for the best ambidextrous gaming mouse, this mouse is for you.


  • Eight programmable buttons
  • Ambidextrous shape
  • Driverless plug-and-play
  • Gold-plated USB connector
  • Three illumination zones
  • Programmable without a PC


  • Can accidentally press side buttons
  • No adjustable weights or grips

Best Mouse for League of Legends N°2

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum - best mouse for league of legends


Another mouse from a well-known brand: Logitech. The G502 Proteus Spectrum is a highly popular gaming mouse from Logitech. This popularity is due to various great reasons:

It has a responsive and accurate optical sensor for an incredible precision, additional weights to adjust to your taste for a better gaming experience and eleven individually programmable buttons to quickly execute your spells or macros.
The G502’s unique optical sensor is what makes this an excellent candidate for being the best mouse for league of legends: it is capable of precise tracking and maximum performance. You can switch between five different DPI settings, from an accurate 200 DPI to a super fast 12,000 DPI.
The additional weight comes in five equal small metal parts with 3.6G weight each. Those weights come in a small hexagonally shaped box, to use them, you simply have to put them inside the mouse.
The eleven programmable buttons can be saved on your PC or to one of the onboard profiles, using the Logitech Gaming Software (LGS). This software isn’t required to use the built-in profile.

The G502 is one of the best gaming mice for League of Legends and every other game. Finally, with the G502’s Dual-mode scroll wheel, DPI shift, adjustable weight, programmable RGB lighting and a super accurate optical sensor. This Logitech gaming mouse becomes one of the first choices when it comes to choosing the best mouse for League of Legends.


  • Eleven programmable buttons
  • Dual-mode hyper-fast scroll wheel
  • Customizable Weight and balance tuning
  • RGB customizable illumination colors
  • Advanced optical gaming sensor
  • On-the-fly DPI


  • Mouse is a bit heavy
  • May not suit palm-grip players with big hands

Best Mouse for League of Legends N°3

Razer DeathAdder Chroma

Razer DeathAdder Chroma - best mouse for league of legends


Razer is a very popular brand among gamers; their products are highly recognized and frequently used. Razer DeathAdder Chroma is gaming mouse with a very comfortable ergonomic shape. It has an accurate optical sensor, comfortable grip, chroma colors and extremely responsive buttons. Its ergonomic shape is very appreciated by the best eSports players like Doublelift from CLG team. But, what makes this model the best mouse for league of legends is its ultra-precise 10,000 DPI optical sensor that allows fast and accurate movements. Also, the Razer DeathAdder has an advanced tracking analytics to enable players to control their champion actions precisely.

The Razer DeathAdder Chroma is capable of achieving fast 300 inches per second mouse movement speed and a high 50G acceleration. It has the new Razer Synapse software that gives you the capability to change between 16.8 million colors with a simple click. Together with an amazing tracking, balanced weight, highly responsive buttons, surface calibration, and chroma lightning colors makes this gaming mouse an ideal choice for League of Legends players.


  • 10,000 DPI high-accuracy optical sensor
  • Chroma lighting with 16.8 million color
  • Five programmable buttons
  • On-the-fly sensitivity adjustment
  • Comfortable Ergonomic Shape
  • Perfect lift-off distance


  • Not adapted for users with small hands
  • Left-handed version not updated to Chroma yet