Cheapest Gaming Mouse 2016

Searching for a good and cheap mouse can be tiring. The cheap mouses usually break so quickly or are so uncomfortable. If you truly are a PC gamer, then you truly need a good mouse.

The mouse is one of the most important peripherals in the gaming industry. Mouses adapted to gaming are usually more expensive than your average mouse because they require extra functionalities, like a higher DPI and more buttons.

In this topic, I will show you that you can get the best and cheapest gaming mouse for gaming without breaking your bank.

Listed down are the cheapest gaming mouse you can find on the market in 2016:

TeckNet Raptor

f you are looking for a cheap, reliable mouse for gaming, this is your choice. With a price of 10$, this mouse is perfect for people new to gaming accessories or someone who’s looking for a good price/quality.

best and cheapest gaming mouse


The mouse comes with three extra buttons, two on the left side to Page up and Page down and one on the top that acts as DPI Switcher. You can change the DPI between three different levels using the button on the top.

The right and left button do give a little sticky effect, but I guess that is typical for a budget gaming mouse. Its illuminations and braided cable make this mouse look more expensive that it is.

The TeckNet Raptor gaming mouse features an integrated 2000 DPI optical gaming sensor that you can change between three variations in DPI.

The build quality seems good, unlike other cheap gaming mouse, the Raptor is reliable and durable. The main reason for its popularity is the precision and accuracy it offers at a budget price.


Havit HV-MS978GT

best and cheapest gaming mousebutton-psd

This mouse packaging is amazing for its low price. It has a good shape, and it feels very comfortable with a claw-style grip with big hands.

This mouse is one of the best, if not the best budget wireless gaming. The shape of the mouse makes it easy to hit the click buttons; it is perfect for performing rapid actions. You can turn the lights on or off and still use the mouse.

On the top, there is a button that lets you control the DPI, changing the speed between three variations.  The sensor of this mouse is amazing. I tried it on different surfaces and it worked very well.

Overall, this mouse is one of the best and cheapest gaming mouse of 2016. I highly recommend it for browsing and gaming.


Redragon M601best and cheapest gaming mouse


The Redragon M601 is the best seller from Redragon. The low price with an excellent quality is the primary reason for this success. This mouse is very comfortable to use on high-quality gaming mouse pad. The DPI settings are well done; you can change from fast to slow for a more precise control.

The buttons are easy to click, and, the click register is acceptable. This mouse adapts very well on big hands. There aren’t many disadvantages with this mouse whomever I find the mouse wheel a little too sensible.

This mouse is yours if searching for a great cheap gaming mouse with a solid reputation.

Liger Gaming Mouse

best and cheapest gaming mousebutton-psd

The Liger gaming mouse has every great feature that a gamer wants, many buttons, comfortable and easy to switch DPI. This flashy mouse is perfect for starters. You do not have to program the buttons, and all six buttons are useful and ready to use.


The size of the Liger gaming mouse is not very comfortable for users with small hands. Gamers with medium to big sized hands will prefer this mouse, since, this mouse is designed to them.

The most impressive thing about the Liger gaming is its lightning pattern. The design pattern is amazing when you add the mouse’s lightning. It simply looks amazing.Up to seven lighting options can be selected. These lights give an elegant and cool look to the mouse, especially during the night.

Users who do not like lightning can turn off the lights and enjoy the mouse.

It has two extra buttons on the left side and one on the top side to quickly switch between the four DPI levels. You can change the DPI between 1000, 1600, 2400 and 3200.

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