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Fireboy and Watergirl Offer Exciting Challenges in a Series of Games

Posted by Kate Lolo on
Fireboy and Watergirl Offer Exciting Challenges in a Series of Games


Fireboy and Watergirl are the main characters in an exciting series of beautiful games. The goal of the mini-games is for the characters to find their way out from various locations. In doing so they must go through numerous pitfalls in order to avoid having contact with many tough opponents as well as overcome difficulties in clever ways.

Each character is unique in that they are an individual natural element that allows them to pass through an area with a similar structure. While the girl can easily move in the water the boy finds no difficulty in jumping on such areas as boiling lava. There are, however, places that are not suggested that either of them go. If they reach one of these areas you must be very careful in how you decide to proceed.

If you think all of the games Fireboy And Watergirl are the same after you play each one you will actually determine how each one is very unique in its own way. This is because of the design, location, pitfalls, and content. Each new level will be a very pleasant surprise offering you new challenges as well as new atmospheric tasks. If you are looking for a new adventure you should try diving into each of the new series. You will find a real challenge as you try to control each of the characters at the same time. It is certain these games will conquer you as they are unlike any other game.

In Fireboy and Watergirl 1, the introduction to the series, you will find the uniqueness from the beginning. Your goal is to help get the girl and boy to get through the many traps and challenges that are put in front of them. You will quickly learn when you want to earn bonus stars from the water, that it is best to put Watergirl to the test. You should send Fireboy for any challenges due to lava. 

In the second game, you will find brother and sister, the various elements of fire and water, fall into a trap at the light castle, There are so many traps, secret rooms, and other dangers. Time is limited causing you to realize you cannot determine how you landed here or who is guilty of imprisoning you. You must find your way out and once again overcome the adventure. You should try to use all of your tools while you avoid the pitfalls and defeat the opponents.

In the third series, a test of new rounds is exposed for the two. This time you will find them in the ice castle. They must find their way out. This leads to the fourth in the series which takes you to the crystal castle. Here you will find new challenges to our favorite characters. Finally, in Fireboy and Watergirl 5, your favorite characters are in the mysterious forest. It is loaded with traps and dangers. You will need to use their superpowers in order to move them to different locations. You need to open new doors, fight the forces nature offers and, best of all, collect bonuses. All-in-all you are dealing with a great deal of fun!