Everything You Want to Know About Flash Games

Everything You Want to Know About Flash Games

Know Flash Games

The games that the flash player created have been amazing. Although, next year they will be abolished from the internet. Adobe had a great run with flash and have made a ton of money of the software. Games are dotted on the internet, and many sites are dedicated to these games.

The games that have been made through flash are endless, and they have been amazing to play. So many games have been made numbering in the 100’s of millions. Game developers and freelance game designers alike have used flash player to create many of there games. They have made a killing off of these games. On example of this is Flappy Bird. The game was created by a man who had little experience designing games but was added to the app store and game sites for people to play. It became so popular that even though people didn’t have to pay to play the game he became rich off of the ads alone. He made millions until finally he had to pull the plug on the game because it made to much daily profit for him to spend. 

However, next year, Adobe is set to dissolve flash player software from the internet entirely, making it easy for designers to create the games they want to without the basic flash rules and regulations of games made. It’s not all bad as flash was unstable, insecure, and had many holes in the design work. Many people are glad to be rid of it. This isn’t the case with everyone as some people will surely miss flash player because no one knows what will come to pass after its inevitable destruction. 

Adobe after running this software for 15 years have made a killing off of flash games that use their flash player. You think the person that created Flappy Bird was rich, adobe takes some money off of every game that was either made from their software or plays on their software. If you do the math, say even if Adobe only took 1% from people using their software, and there are millions of games made a year, they have operated for 15 years, and the daily profits roll in as well. They have got to have mad trillions off of this software well worth the $3.4 billion they paid to buy it. Needless to say, Adobe is raking in the doe!

There are so many games out there today they number in the higher hundred millions. With 100s of sites that play nothing but flash games, they are everywhere. Flash has literally reached every corner of the internet. 

From far and wide all across the globe, people have been playing the games on the flash player. I mean who can blame them with a free download, no wait time, and a massive variety of games to choose from who wouldn’t play flash games? The sad part is that flash is only around until 2020, then it will be up to the internet to pick up the pieces of the web browser gaming industry. 

Kate Lolo